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Aria was founded and is led by individuals with years of experience in law enforcement, criminal prosecution, and corporate law. Aria’s Executive Team has experience in urban, suburban, and metropolitan security matters. The unique background of Aria’s Executive Team is passed directly to our clients in that it allows Aria to utilize skills, information, techniques, and tactics typically not readily available to our competitors. Aria is able to provide higher quality services that result in increasing the efficiency of our clients and saves them money.

Executive Team members with backgrounds in law enforcement have been employed by metropolitan and urban police departments. They worked side-­‐by-­‐ side civic leaders responsible for planning large-­‐scale events including the Olympic games, professional athletic team championship celebrations, and facilitating world-­‐ leader visits. Our Executive Team members have supervisory experience on tactical teams, have served as lead-­‐investigators in high profile investigations, and coordinated dignitary visits with various federal, state, and private agencies for VIP’s including the President of the United States of America and foreign heads of state.

Executive Team members with backgrounds in the legal field are what makes Aria a truly rare and valuable provider of security services. Such legal experience demonstrates to our clients that Aria has qualifications and attention to detail unrivaled in the security industry. Our clients can rest assured that their risks are minimized and their assets are being protected by professionals well versed in the needs and demands of corporate executives. Aria combines a highly qualified Executive Team with superior team members to provide unmatched security services to our clients. The qualifications of Aria’s Executive Team produce unrivaled client satisfaction, retention and loyalty to Aria’s global security services.