Aria’s Security Expertise:

Aria is a full service security company that recognizes risk limitation and liability reduction is vital to our clients’ success. We excel at managing the risks our clients are exposed to, and limiting our clients’ liabilities. Aria’s security expertise provides both short-term problem solving solutions as well as long-term comprehensive security management.

Aria’s Security Services:

Aria customizes its security products to meet the needs of each of our clients. Each of Aria’s products falls into at least one of four service categories.

Uniform Services

An ideal solution for clients seeking to use high- visibility and deterrence to address their security concerns.

Executive Protection

A preferred option for mitigating challenges associated with travelling or making appearances as a VIP.

Corporate Services

A subtle approach necessary to abate security concerns in a business setting while being sensitive to the image and reputation of corporate clients.


Critical to successful business models, Aria guides clients through specific security concerns associated with their business plans.

Aria’s clients utilize uniformed security professionals for a wide variety of applications including: high visibility criminal deterrence, perimeter security, egress and ingress management, stationary posts, roving and mobile patrols and more. These are but a few methods Aria utilizes to protect the assets and interests of our clients.

Construction sites, entry and exit checkpoints, shopping malls, housing complexes, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, transit hubs, concerts, sporting and other events are all environments Aria operates and excels in. Aria’s uniformed security professionals meet rigorous standards that are screened by the FBI and regulated by the State.

VIP’s require a watchful eye from experienced agents while travelling or making public appearances. There are unique threats VIP’s face on a continual basis that are easily dismissed to the untrained observer. Aria’s Executive Team not only has personal experience providing dignitary protection as sworn law enforcement to many VIP’s including presidents of the United States of America, but more importantly has access to current and retired law enforcement officers passionate about applying their experience and training in the private sector.

VIP’s and professional executives that regularly rely on executive protection realize the rare combination of law enforcement certifications combined with ongoing training produce a team member that is unmatched by any of Aria’s competitors.

Aria is proud to offer a variety of services narrowly tailored to each of our corporate clients. Our corporate security services include plain-clothes security officers reducing our clients’ inventory loss, professionally dressed security guards in building lobbies, and agents in business dress maintaining a close watch over highly sensitive business matters.When high visibility security options cause unwanted interest by employees or customers, Aria’s corporate services provide solutions to businesses that seek to address security concerns effectively and with subtlety.

Aria is aware that individual business goals and strategies require customized security applications. Long-term success relies on vision, proper planning, attention to detail, instincts, and decisiveness. Aria’s origins and the unique skills and backgrounds of our Executive Team have honed our ability to provide accurate, valuable, and efficient counsel designed to increase the productivity of our clients. A consulting partnership with Aria provides our clients with the tools necessary to predict, control, and mitigate security issues relevant to their business.